A Playground is the Most Important Teacher for a Child.

We Bring

The First Ever Sports Nursery in India

The Sports Nursery will help  preschoolers meet each other and get some exercise, with an idea to have a “head start” if they want to be in any competitive sport when they’re older. It also aims to provide complete sports solutions from sports initiation to elite level training in all sports.

The Sports Nursery Will Operate in 4 Verticals

Basic Skills for Over 4 Year Olds

Using  a variety of props and games which are Unique and safe to engage toddlers for children in the age 4 years on wards to improve simple motor skills like kicking, running, jumping & hand-eye coordination.

Comprehensive Fitness Evaluation for Athletes

Using a systematic, progressive, & integrated sports performance test of the athlete’s goals, needs, and abilities. These are to be done in Schools, Academies , by experts of Sports Nursery

360° Services to Upcoming Elite Players

Formulating  customised training programs based on current status, identifying strengths and weaknesses , monitor improvements / adaptation in the biological and physical abilities.

Sports Training Education

Train the Trainers programme for exisiting coaches and former sports persons who would like to start a career in sports once gain. These educational programmes will be certified by the Australian Institute

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The first of the Sports Nursery will start operations at the PYC Gymkhana and Nigdi Pradhikaran.

Why is There a Need for a Sports Nursery?

Absence of Sports Development Centres

India’s failure to challenge the sporting superpowers in the world stems from the absence of a concentrated scientific approach towards physical training and data analysis.

Lack of Holistic Development

Over 50% Indian players between the age of 19-23 suffer from stress injuries while a majority lack the physical strength to challenge their international counterparts. This is because the emphasis is only on skills and not the proper development of the physical body.

No Infrastructure for Continuous Monitoring

Even after 65 years, India lacks a proper facility where players can be tested, trained and their performance monitored to get the best out of them during competition.

Set Benchmarks

The major sporting powers in the world have already set benchmarks for physical parameters required for world class athletes according to disciplines. But no such effort has been made in India yet.

Customisation as per Growth

At different age, the body goes through different level of development and the training has to be customised according to these parameters.

Better Results in Finding Talent

These tests are also essential during the talent identification since the selection process based on skills and physiological parameters guarantee better success percent.

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Date : Sunday 7th October 2018 Time: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm
Five days on field training 6.15 to 7.15 pm (Tues 9th to Sat 13th Oct)
Venue: Conference hall 2nd floor in PYC Hindu Gymkhana
Workshop fees Rs. 4000/-( include workshop notes booklet, lunch, sports nursery badge) 

Subject Description Tutor Time
Concept of
Sports Nursery
Theory Mahendra Gokhale 09.30 to 10.00
Motor skills to
sports skills
Theory Mahendra Gokhale 10.00 to 10.30
Physical & Psychological
development of a child
Theory Debashree 10.30 to 11.30
Acquisition of sports
Theory/Practical Mahendra Gokhale 11.30 to 12.30
Planning a session Theory/Practical Mahendra Gokhale 12.30 to 01.30
Warm up & cool down Theory/Practical Mahendra Gokhale 02.00 to 03.00
Fun games. drills Practical Mahendra Gokhale 03.00 to 04.00
Concludes QA, future Mahendra Gokhale 04.00 to 04.30


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