How Does One prepare for Competition?

Knowing your goals, clearly defining them  and then setting realistic, steps can lead  you up to your final objective – be a winner!

But its not just about strength and stamina, there are many other parameters that make a champion. Sports Nursery will be the provider of such allied servuces.

Our Allied Offerings

The physiological assessments  include the examination of musculoskeletal alignment, movement efficiency, and multiple parameters of physical fitness. As such, the range of tests chosen for one athlete may not be appropriate for others based on the physical differentiation of each sports person. To ensure that sports performance professionals are collecting relevant and effective information,we gather subjective assessments tests and we have experts to do the same.


Since right diet is an essential ingredient of sports fitness and conditioning, an in-house nutritionist will chart out a diet plan for every player and will regularly monitor whether the plan is being followed and its effectiveness.

Mental Conditioning Coaches

Psychology plays an important part in recovery from injuries and also enhancing the performance of any athlete. Hence, apart from the physical training the athlete would also be able to avail the services of mental conditioning coaches to iron out any mental blocks or issues that are pulling them back


As part of the process of creating general awareness towards sports fitness and nutrition, we would also hold seminars for academies and even sports federations to bring them up-to-date with the new technologies and training methods..


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